Botox-Treatment NJ

Why expressions are not always welcome

Human being are animated and as a result these expressions make their mark  on the face..sometimes permanently. an aged look. Though the appearance gives a look of wisdom not everyone wants to show it that way. Just an incidental finding by a Canadian Ophthalmologist lead to a mullti-billion dollar industry of beauty and anti-aging, Botox being the leader. Billions of procedures have been done with Botox worldwide and it has proven as one of the safest and time tested anti-aging treatments out there, giving a dramatic improvement in the facial expressions. Botox is now heralded as one of the most sought after procedures by folks from all walks of life from celebrities and models to men and women of even the middle class back grounds.

A very tiny needle is used to inject precise dose of a chemical known as Botox in to the various muscles of expression to temporarily relax those muscles and thus obliterating the expression lines. FDA has approved cosmetic Botox for the Glabellar Frown lines for people between 18-65 years of age. All other uses are off label applications of Botox. The results show within a few days and reach a peak by around 10 days. The effect last for 3- 5 months. In general most people qualify for Botox, but for some it may not be suitable.  Botox is also not suitable for those whose wrinkles are from chronic sun damage and loss of collagen. . In addition to cosmetic procedures Botox is also used to control excessive sweating in the under arms and palms.  Please call us to schedule a consultation with our physician to see if Botox is right for you