Before and After

Do you wish you could regain that youthful glow you had years ago? Are you tired of applying make-up every day to cover up facial imperfections? There are three treatments out there that may rid you of these unsightly burdens. A VI Peel, a microdermabrasion session or a photofacial treatment might be the answer to attaining the beautiful, healthy skin that you desire.

VI peels are great if you need to improve the tone, texture and clarity of their skin. It is a relatively
simple method of applying chemicals to problem areas of the skin. It peels away the damaged layer of skin and reveals the healthy skin underneath in less than a week’s time.

During a photofacial light rays are used to raise the amount of collagen in your skin. There are two types of photofacials, the first being LED and the second IPL. The LED treatment is inexpensive and completely painless. The slight rise in collagen levels from this type of treatment have been shown to help with sun damaged and skin which shows signs of excessive redness. The more extreme IPL photofacial is used for more heavily damaged skin. It’s great if you have damaged capillaries, sun spots or overall redness anywhere on your skin.

Microdermabrasion treatments offer a way to bring back the youthful bounce, radiant glow and
softness that your skin tends to lose with age. The treatment works by removing the dead skin from
your epidermis leaving you looking young and full of life. Microdermabrasion treatments are
inexpensive and safe for your skin, so you can have them performed on a regular scheduled basis. There are several nearby places to get a microdermabrasion in NJ.

If your skin bothers you, consider the facts mentioned in this article about VI peels, photofacials, and microdermabrasion treatments. Think about all the aesthetic improvements that can be made without expensive and painful surgery.