Skin Tightening laser in New Jersey

Getting in Shape

When someone commented to this big guy, “You have to get in shape!” his response was, “Round is a shape!” while jokes aside there are many people for whom this is a serious and frustrating problem. There are some who are able to lose some weight  generally but some areas are very stubborn and just does not seem to go away. For some women it is the cellulite that is bothersome. There is a saying:

“ 80% of women have cellulite.  And 20% think they have.” We have a new solution to control the stubborn fat in some areas like love handles, lower abdomen, thighs and arms. While there is no substitute for regular exercise, proper diet and a healthy life style these procedures can help you other efforts to give encouraging and visible results. We use a combination of radio frequency energy, infra red light, and vacuum suction to smooth out these stubborn areas, cause circumference reduction and reduce the appearance of cellulite. This is not a weight loss procedure,  nor  a substitute for traditional surgical or laser liposuction. But those who benefit from these procedures are astounded with the results that they were not able to achieve before. Please visit our website for some before after procedures and schedule a consultation with one of our professionals, who will advise how the procedure might help you.